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“In life, everything has a function. Design enhances life by making that function visually pleasing.”

A native of Los Angeles, I grew up around fashion and design. The funky 80′s, the urban 90′s, today’s hipsters, trends and style are my religion. I’ve seen leopard come and go and come back again. To be honest, I absolutely love it….but everything in moderation.

I received my bachelors of arts from UCLA and continued my education studying Interior Architecture at Santa Monica College. During my time at two prestigious design firms, I enjoyed working with and learning from extremely talented designers while developing the foundation for my own design aesthetic. A designer once told me: “Design is in the details.” It’s the perfectly crowned pillow, neatly folded and tucked drapery and crisp bedding.

Culture influences design. The world offers a variety of perspectives on life and living. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing some of it firsthand: India, Japan, Italy, England, Dubai, Malaysia, Switzerland, Canada, Germany Singapore and Mexico with routine visits to India and southeast Asia. When it comes to colors, fabrics and textures, the more the merrier.

Today, I enjoy living in bohemian Venice Beach, California (Yes, we have canals). Venice is the melding of an artistic urban counter-culture with a high-end beach community and it works. I love it. When I’m not out and about in the neighborhood with my husband and dog, I’m helping my clients find the design in their spaces. The only thing more satisfying than creating their dream space is executing it on a modest budget.

My style, my life, my experiences, my clients, the city and people around me. This is Kala Roberson Design.